Our Staff

We have many different people helping us to make Fane Street such an exciting place.

We have teachers, classroom assistants, cleaners, lunchtime supervisors, canteen staff, a secretary and a caretaker.

Most importantly of all we have a large number of dedicated parents and pupils who make Fane Street a wonderful place to be!






Teaching Staff

     Nursery         P1AN        P1/2JI
     P2CS/EF        P3HMK        P3/4NB
        P4LP         P5SM         P5/6SH
         P6H          P7GN          P7KB
  Newcomer Support    Newcomer Support Learning Support Coordinator
      Nurture Teacher    


Classroom Assistants

     Nursery       Nursery        Nursery
      Nursery            P1AN          P1AN
        P1/2JI         P2CS/EF         P2CS/EF
       P2CS/EF         P3HMK        P3/4NB   
            P4LP             P5/6SH              P6H
                  P7GN     Nurture Assistant   

Lunchtime Supervisors



Kitchen Staff


Cleaning Staff