Celebrating Achievements, Respecting Everyone


At Fane Street Primary School, we strive for all children to reach their potential in a happy, safe and accepting atmosphere.  We endeavour to provide a supportive network that is built upon high expectation.


Our Aims

We aim to ensure that:

  • Pupils feel secure and happy at school and understand that they can speak to staff regarding personal issues and concerns;
  • Pupils develop a sense of self-esteem and an awareness of the needs of others through self-discipline and a code of conduct;
  • Pupils are encouraged to fulfil their moral, intellectual, spiritual, physical, social, creative and emotional potential;
  • The values, attitudes, beliefs and concerns of pupils are taken seriously;
  • There is a promotion of positive relationships, mutual tolerance and respect for others throughout the school;
  • Relationships between pupils and staff operate on a basis of mutual respect;
  • Pupils acquire knowledge, skills and practical abilities through effective teaching and learning;
  • All members of staff feel valued and work together as a team;
  • Good communications are maintained between parents and school;
  • Outside agencies are utilised where appropriate to enhance pastoral care provision;
  • All members of the school community work in a positive, secure and healthy environment.