Our School Day

Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club operates each morning from 8.15am until 8.45am. Please enter through the side gate to the Dinner Hall. A healthy breakfast is served for 60p per day. Children will be supervised and sent to class in time to begin their morning lessons.

See below for a menu.



School Times

School starts: 8.45am
Break time: 10.25am and 10.40am (Children are expected to bring a healthy break Monday- Thursday and a small treat on Friday.)
Lunch time P1-3: 11.50pm- 12.20pm
                  P4-7: 12.30PM- 1.10PM
Home time: Nursery- 1.45pm 
                         P1-7-  2.15pm (Monday - Friday)


* We understand that occasionally parents may run late for pick ups but please let us know by phone if this happens. 

New children may have different “settling in” times as we aim to introduce them to our routines and school life in a stress free way.  More information can be found in our School Policy section, click on the link below for the Nursery and Primary Admissions Policies.


Click Here for a Link to Admission Policies


After School Clubs

After School Clubs- Finishing times

P1 - 7:  3.15pm

We have a wide range of clubs available, please have a look at what is available on the Clubs page. These are changed at the end of each term and are mostly free of charge, except our Football Club with our #Fanetastic past pupil Jordan.  Parents will be kept informed of the dates that these begin and end, or if any unforeseen circumstances have caused them to be cancelled.  

We will endeavour to let you know about any early closing days as soon as we can in order to accommodate child-care arrangements.  These usually are for parent interviews, teacher training or end of term days.  Please check on our social media accounts or our website calendar.