Fane Street, Belfast, County Antrim, BT9 7BW
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In Fane Street Primary School, we aim to provide a high quality education for all, celebrating pupils’ achievements, encouraging them to experiment and take risks in their learning, enabling them to become independent, life-long learners.  We learn within a caring and respectful environment working in partnership with everyone including parents and the wider community.

What we do

In Fane Street Primary School, we aim to provide the best possible environment for high quality teaching and learning to take place. We endeavour to ensure that every child achieves his or her full potential. We are not just providers of curriculum subjects and more particularly the skills associated with those subjects; but are a place where the whole child is developed. We place special emphasis on social development, self-discipline, self-esteem, respect for all and pupils taking a level of responsibility for both their learning and behaviour.

How we do it

We group children according to their age and they have a class teacher with whom they stay for the year. Children are taught as a whole class, in groups within the class and as individuals. The groups in the classes are based on the children’s abilities and children may change groups for different subjects.

Not all children learn at the same speed, nor in the same way. Children are given structured activities that help them to learn. In primary school children are rarely expected to learn how to do anything if the groundwork of practical experience has not been laid.

The children in Fane Street will always be taught ‘how’ before they are asked to ‘do’.

We will always be prepared to answer your questions about how and why we do things the way we do. We want your child’s school experience to be happy and fulfilling and it can only be that if we work together in partnership, parents and school, to achieve our vision.